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Vinyl click and Laminate flooring are great products, and in our opinion, the "Bang for Buck" value is very high with this kind of flooring. Installation time is fairly quick and paired with a new tall baseboard, one can completely change the entire look and feel to a home or office. 



So now what?


After the tools are packed, furniture put back in place and the crew is out the door, what do I do next? Well other than enjoy your new space, its time to do a deep clean and get life back in the swing of things. Try to follow these guidelines to ensure long life of your new investment. 


1. Use a dust mop, soft bristle broom or suction-only vacuum cleaner.


Never use a vacuum with a beater bar or with the beater bar disengaged. Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to keep it clean and free of dust, sand and other abrasive materials. Place area rugs or doormats at entryways to help prevent sand, grit, oils, dirt and other abrasive materials from being tracked onto the floor surface from outdoors. 

2. Protect your floor from exposure to liquids.


Place protective mats at high-­use work areas such as sinks, ranges, service counters and workstations. Blot up any spilled food, drink or other liquid immediately. Under no circumstances allow liquid to remain on the floor for very long as it can cause permanent damage to the finish and or structure. Never wet mop the floor when cleaning. Avoid walking on the floor with wet feet or footwear. Put trays under potted plants. Damage caused by flooding, broken pipes, wet mopping or any other exposure to liquid or moisture is not covered by the product warranty. 


3. Avoid wax, polish, oils, detergents, shine enhancers, varnish, or mopping with water.


Applying cleaner directly to the surface of the laminate can cause staining—lightly spray it on a cleaning cloth or damp mop instead. Avoid cleaning machines like spray mops, steam cleaners or power cleaners. 


4. Keep temperature at 65-­75°F (18-­24°C) and humidity at 30-­50%.


Laminate flooring reacts to changes in its environment because it is made from wood­-based products. Ensure that environmental conditions are maintained with a temperature of 65-­75°F (18-­24°C) and humidity at 30-­50% at all times. Problems resulting from exposure to improper environmental conditions are not covered by the product warranty.


5. Never let your floors get too hot if installed over radiant heating system.


If the floor is installed over a radiant heating system, never allow the surface temperature of the floor to exceed 82°F (28°C). Avoid dramatic temperature changes; always adjust the system gradually in 5° increments. It is recommended that a dedicated quick recovery thermostat be installed to allow the temperature of the radiant heating system to be accurately controlled.


6. Place felt protector pads on the feet of your furniture.

Put felt protector pads on the feet of all furniture, display stands, file cabinets and other accessories that will be placed directly onto the floor surface to avoid scratching your floors. Inspect regularly for wear and replace as necessary.


7. Avoid letting sharp or pointed objects come into contact with the floor surface.


Enjoy your new floors but keep these tips in mind to protect your investment. 

Interested in renovating your home or business?

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