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At Donewell Flooring, we take care to ensure your flooring is installed right the first time. We supply and install top quality flooring at a very competitive price. We work very closely with our customers to try and find just the right flooring while always keeping budget in mind.


  • White Oak

  • Red Oak

  • Hard Maple

  • Ash

  • Bamboo

  • Hickory

  • Brazilian Cherry

  • American Cherry

  • Birch 

  • African Mahogany

  • American Walnut

  • And many more! 


  • Nail down installation

  • Glue down installation

  • Floating floor installation 

  • Lifting old flooring and offsite disposal

  • Moving furniture

  • Concrete floor patching / skim coat

  • Squeaky subfloor reduction 

  • Sub-floor  

  • Wood or MDF baseboards 

  • 1/4 round / shoe mouldings

Interested in renovating your home or business?

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