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Carpet, the classic and timeless floor covering. When looking to keep a little more softness under foot we turn to our carpet department for a little help. Home or office, carpet is a great option for any budget. 


  • Plush

  • Berber

  • Loop

  • Cut Pile

  • Carpet Tile

  • Commercial patterned carpets

  • Runners 

  • Weather/Seasonal (scraper mats) matting for building and property floor safety 

  • Carpet Binding/Matting

  • And many more!


  • Top grade glue for carpet installation 

  • Quick release glue for carpet tile for an easy and fast replacement of single or multiple carpet tiles when and if needed. This can be done by the client very easily to keep the cost of maintenance down if this is a factor, or just give us a call and we'll be more than happy to do it for you!


  • Patching

  • Re-seaming

  • Re-gluing

  • Underlay

  • Lifting and re-install used carpet (re-stretching)

  • Lifting old flooring and offsite disposal 

  • Moving furniture

  • Concrete floor patching/skim coat 

  • Squeaky subfloor reduction 

  • Sub-floor  

  • Wood or MDF baseboards 

  • 1/4 round/shoe moulding

  • Trim

Interested in renovating your home or business?

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